Team Highlights

Cousins Strains Back

DeMarcus Cousins strains his lower back during the third quarter of the Kings game in Charlotte.
Nov 25, 2015  |  00:20

Kings NEXT

Kings NEXT Girls Camp

Over 50 girls between the ages 6 and 16 went through group drills, stations and were trained by Coach Nancy Lieberman as well as former and current WNBA players.
Nov 13, 2015  |  00:49

Inside the Kingdom

Inside the Kingdom Episode 4 - "Finish Strong"

In the fourth installment of Inside the Kingdom, go all-access with the Kings as they travel to Lexington, KY for the team's final preseason game against the New Orleans Pelicans.
Nov 17, 2015  |  06:53

Arena Top Moments

Gregg Lukenbill Fixes Roof Leak During Game

Former Kings Principal Owner Gregg Lukenbill helps fix a leaking roof during the Kings vs 76ers game in 1989.
Oct 29, 2015  |  01:15

Team Originals

Kings at Bucks Highlights: 11/25/15

Highlights from the Kings victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.
Nov 25, 2015  |  02:40

Kid Reporter

SacBee Kid Reporter: Dessert Before Veggies?

The Sacramento Bee Kid Reporter is back for the 2015-16 season and is finding out if the team is allowed to have dessert before veggies.
Nov 16, 2015  |  01:14


Darren Collison Visits Albie Aware

Kings guard Darren Collison visits women at Albie Aware to discuss their battle against breast cancer and more.
Oct 9, 2015  |  01:13


Kings Dancers Retro Uniform Photo Shoot

Go behind-the-scenes as Kings Dancers pose for photos with new baby blue retro #FlashbackFriday costumes.
Oct 15, 2015  |  00:42