Bringing a group of 10 or more to a game gives you access to unbelievable perks - discounted tickets, on-court experiences and much more. And, best of all, signing up is simple. Just click the waitlist button below to get on the list for the 2016-17 season at Golden 1 Center.

Group Benefits

  • Price Savings With No Processing Fees
  • Reserved Block Seating
  • Early Access
  • Scoreboard Recognition
  • Customized Flyer and Web Link
  • Invitations to Special VIP Events
  • Presale Access to Select Arena Shows


Q: How do I guarantee a group game for the 2016-17 season?

A: If you brought a group out during the 2015-16 season you are eligible to guarantee a group game at Golden 1 Center. If you did not bring a group out this past season, please contact a Group Account Manager below to find out how to get the highest possible priority.

Q: How do I get the highest priority?

A: The more money you have on your account towards your group night, the higher priority you have during the selection process. You will be able to place an amount up to your total 2015-16 group spend. Priority for groups who place the minimum $500 deposit will be time stamped, and based on past spend and tenure.

Q: How can I guarantee my game, Fan Experience, or seats?

A: If everyone were to renew, we wouldn’t have enough seats for all groups. Group inventory availability will vary by game, and it is likely that premium games will have little to no groups inventory available for them. There is no guarantee for Fan Experiences, but the best way to get access to your desired Fan Experience is to gain the highest priority possible.

Q: If my group places an initial payment or deposit and the game/seats/Fan Experience we want aren’t available, what happens to our initial payment/deposit?

A: Your initial payment can be applied to a different Fan Experience, a different location, or a different game to get you access to the new arena. We anticipate having a number of different options to fulfill requests, but if nothing works for your group, a full refund for initial payments will be issued upon request. Five hundred dollar deposits are non-refundable.

Q: Am I guaranteed the same number of seats and the same opponent/day of week/seat location that I purchased in the 2015-16 season?

A: Despite guaranteeing the number of events available to groups in the coming season, we are unable to guarantee any specifics of matchups, seat locations, or any other details at this time. Inventory will be very limited, so securing the highest priority possible will maximize your odds of securing the specific event details you are seeking. Please note that group inventory likely will not be available for all games.

Q: What will pricing be in the new arena?

A: Prices will be higher than last season, but we expect to have a range of options for our groups to select from. Group pricing will not be determined until schedule is released.

Q: What happens if I’m unable to place a deposit or initial payment?

A: We are in a high demand situation with a decreased number of group seats to sell, so we will be giving our top priority to our most committed groups. Based on inventory and demand we anticipate not having seats beyond our renewal process.

Q: What happens after I place my deposit or initial payment?

A: Your personal Group Account Manager will contact you following the 2016-17 schedule release, and identify what is the best fit for your group. Based on your priority, at that time, your seats and fan experience (based on availability) will be placed on reserve on your account. You will receive a contract that highlights all details, including payment plan options and PIF deadlines. Once your group meets the group minimum and pays in full for your 2016-17 group, you will have the option to roll your deposit/Initial payment over for the 2017-18 season, apply towards payment of tickets, or get a refund.

Q: What does it mean if I place a $500 to be on the Waitlist?

A: The waitlist is open to all qualified groups, with priority given to 2015-16 groups that have renewed for 2016-17 and would like to add additional events beyond their 2015-16 count, then to Season Ticket Members who are acting as group leaders, and finally to all un-renewed or new groups. The waitlist is time stamped and groups will be called in the order their deposit was placed. Number of seats or events are not guaranteed for those on the waitlist.