That's What He Said

Celtics at Pelicans
Smoothie King Center, March 16, 2014/>

Celtics 120/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The end of the game:

"At least we played with better poise at the end of both regulation and overtime. We gave ourselves a chance to win on the offensive end. Couldn’t contain (Tyreke) Evans, switched, ended up putting Hump (Kris Humphries) on the big so we could switch that, and did a much better job. Guys got a couple stops, just not enough at the end."

Re: Anthony Davis:

"Same as before the game. I think he’s unreal. You know, I came into the game in January thinking, yea, he’s an All Star, and I leave here after twice playing him saying, if there are ten guys better in the league, I haven’t seen them. He’s really a special player."


Jared Sullinger

Re: Hitting big shots:

"Yeah I knocked down a few big shots tonight. In the end we came up short, so we have to move on and get back in the gym and practice and hit some of those key shots we missed."

Re: The tough loss:

"Yeah that’s a tough one to swallow. (Kris) Humphries hitting that big shot to send it into overtime, we thought we could win. In the end we came up short."


Jeff Green

Re: His 39-point performance:

"Yeah I was in attack mode tonight. The guys believed in me and kept feeding me the ball. It was a tough lost but we have to move on from it and play a game tomorrow."

Re: Anthony Davis' big night:

"Yeah he’s a great player; he was hitting his shots tonight. It’s hard to guard him, especially when he’s hitting that jump shot. I felt we played good defense tonight on him, but he just knocked down the shots over us."


Pelicans 121/>

Monty Williams

Re: Anthony Davis:

"I think he can do this 10 to 15 times a year just because he is so gifted and does things for the right reason. Obviously he has great athletic ability, but some of that stuff is just him. We try to put him in a position where he can be a dominant player. When you go for those kind of numbers (40 points and 21 rebounds) that’s a lot of God given talent. At the end he could’ve dunked the ball, but he has enough savvy to know that you just have to run the clock out. It’s not about stats. Everything he does is about the team and trying to help us win."

Re: The overall game:

"Looking at the stat sheet, without looking at the film, I’m pleased with the third quarter. The second quarter defensively was abysmal for us, but the third quarter we had a 20 point quarter and that got us back into the game. In overtime we did enough to squeak out a one point win. I am proud of our guys."


Tyreke Evans

Re: The win:

"Wild game! Right off the bat, we talked about trying to play better defense and get stops up and down the court. We have to give Boston credit because they played a good game. They run their stuff hard and (Rajon) Rondo is fast. We just played our style. A.D. was the main thing. He played one of the best games I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Jeff Green came out hot, but kind of cooled down in the second half. It’s tough going against them because they play hard, but we did well finishing out the game."

Re: Anthony Davis' big night:

"He’s playing amazing basketball. Every night he just brings it. I have to give him credit for his improvement. Through his hard work, he’s become one of the premier players in the league."


Anthony Davis

Re: The win:

"It was tough. Coach said it would be that type of game. It was the type of game that you practice hard for each and every day. (Kris) Humphries made a terrific shot in the corner, which meant five more minutes of defense. They got to the line early in overtime. We had to fight to get to the basket and get some stops, then knock down our free throws. That’s what we have to do to keep getting wins."

Re: His play the last few games:

"We’re trying to finish this season out trying to get more wins. My teammates tell me that they feed off my energy and they want me to be great so, I can’t be timid and (need to) do whatever it takes to help my team win. We’re definitely going to enjoy it, but we are not going to stop here. We know we have a game coming up that’s going to be tough, but we are going to battle each and every night."